English s’il vous plaît

par | 16 Avr 2018 | Zoho One

Just last week a Zoho Reseller I work with (there are several of them since i’m not a Zoho Reseller myself) called me with good news.

He just did a POC (Proof Of Concept) for a multinational Company for Zoho One and he won over SALESFORCE and MICROSOFT DYNAMICS.
But this contract implied a lot of traveling and meetings abroad, almost all of of them in English.

Of course the resellet reads and speaks english, as most Zoho Resellers do, but there is a gap between reading and speaking a little bit of english and engaging in hours long discussions with non-native english speakers. 

He called me up to ask me to be part of this project for him and to take an english-zoho phone call test with the project’s leader.   

That i just did and my five college years at Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA) and my 10 years as a Microsoft Office trainer at AIRBUS helped me pass this test.

The project leader ended up the phone call with giving me a GO for  both English level speaking AND Zoho technical knowledge. He also told me that he was disappointed, as a CRM project leader for his french multinational company, that I was the only french-speaking Zoho knowledgeable consultant he found.

So, if you have the same english-zoho knowledge and you are not a Zoho reseller, please drop a mail at jmu@specialisteinternet.fr so we can create a community.

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